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Commercial Services

At Universal Drain Cleaning, we know how important it is to keep your business running!  Any time a drain is clogged, it can halt business operations or lower productivity.  We serve the drain cleaning needs of all commercial buildings from restaurants, grocery stores, shopping centers, hotels, schools, to other commercial, industrial or institutional operations.  We know how to work in busy workplaces without interruption to your staff, business operations, or customers! If you believe your business is in need of drain cleaning, please call us right now and we will send someone out to inspect and diagnose your problem.

Types of Commercial Drains

Universal Drain Cleaning has the equipment and knowledge to get your lines flowing again.  Below is a list of drains we typically service in commercial buildings:


  • Sink/Restroom Drains:  These drains are most common in your industry. As a result of your business dealings with the public on a regular basis, they become clogged for various reasons including flushing feminine products, paper towels, and other miscellaneous objects.

  • Floor Drains: Floor drains are usually found in production areas, bathrooms, as well as boiler or compactor rooms.  Silverware, rags, mop strands, and garbage are the usual culprits that can cause a clog in these types of drains.

  • Catch Basins/Storm Drains: These drains are usually located outside and are used to remove rainwater before flooding can occur. Leaves, sticks, garbage, and dirt are usually the causes of clogs in these particular drains.

  • Grease Traps/Oil Interceptors: In order to keep your sewer line flowing properly, a well-maintained grease trap is a must.  A neglected grease trap allows pure grease/oil to enter your main sanitary line which may lead to foul smells, frequent clogs, and fines from municipalities.

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