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Video Camera Inspection

Universal Drain Cleaning is able to visually inspect any sanitary lines and pipes with state of the art video cameras that are specifically made for pipe inspection.
Do you have one pipe that continuously backs up?  Has the maintenance on this pipe become a significant cost to your business?  We can tell you what’s going on!  By allowing us to look inside your pipes with a camera, we can properly identify issues that need to be corrected to save you from expensive damage.   Once we identify the issue we can properly identify a solution.

Video Camera Inspection Services

Universal Drain Cleaning can identify your problem pipes.  Some of the issues that we can diagnose with a video camera inspection:

  • Roots:  Roots can find the tinniest crack in your pipe, work their way in, and begin growing which can lead to damage and, eventually, total failure of your sewer line.   A video inspection can find the precise location of your root problem, which can allow us to determine if you need an invasive repair or a preventative maintenance program.

  • Collapsed Pipes:  A collapsed pipe needs prompt and accurate diagnosis to get your sewer or storm drain running again with minimal damage and cost.

  • Back Pitch/Bellied Pipes: Back pitch occurs when one end of a pipe settles and creates a standing point for water and debris. This causes foul smells and frequent clogs.  

  • Offset Pipes: As a result of shifting soil, roots, frozen ground, and the settling of property, joints no longer connect properly causing pipes to become improperly aligned which leads to clogs and soil contamination.

  • Corrosion: Years of detergent and chemical use can erode even the toughest pipes leading to holes and even pipe failure.

  • Trace Your Sewer Line:  If you need to find out exactly where and how deep your main sanitary line is, we can trace it with our precise locator.  This is helpful if you are excavating around your home or business and want to avoid damaging the main sanitary or storm drain system. 


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